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International Achievement
Gabriel Munoz-Fitch, Eller Business Management ’09

By Brittany Smythe, Eller Marketing ’11

Gabriel Munoz-Fitch, Business Management '09

Gabriel Munoz-Fitch, BSBA Business
Management ’09, stands outside
Procter & Gamble headquarters in
Cincinnati, where he will begin work
after he graduates this December.

Gabriel Munoz-Fitch will graduate this December with a BSBA in business management with minors in French and Chinese. Before he began his college career at the University of Arizona, he lived in Colombia, Spain, England, Finland, Washington, Colorado, and Iowa. His decision to attend the University of Arizona was influenced by the opportunities that the University offered and the reputation of Eller in particular. Although Munoz-Fitch had lived in several other countries and states, the Southwest was an area he had not experienced; the region also provided him a chance to continue using his Spanish language skills. 

Munoz-Fitch’s international exposure has led to his desire to pursue a career in which he can travel abroad and speak different languages. He knew he did not want to go into politics, and business management presented the flexibility and a path to accomplish his goals. After settling on his major, he began researching companies and internships that would provide him with leadership experience and a better understanding of the corporate business world.

To increase his presence within the College and leverage potential employers, Munoz-Fitch got involved in several Eller organizations and networked with Eller alumni. He is a member of the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and the Eller Leadership Board. He also participates in the organizational committee for the Eller Unity Board. “Eller does a great job of instilling the importance of giving back to the College,” he says, “and every alum I have met has gone out of his or her way to be helpful to me.”

During his junior year, Munoz-Fitch obtained an internship as an executive team leader for the Target Corporation. Although the Target internship gave him an excellent managerial experience and valuable skills, he decided the retail industry was not where he belonged. He instead set his sights on a company that would offer a wide range products and business opportunities. During the fall of 2008, he landed an internship in customer business development at Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in Cincinnati. 

“I undertook projects that really added value to the company; I could tell that I was an integral part of the team,” he says. “I had the privilege of working with amazing, knowledgeable, and understanding people who coached me through the entire program.” 

He accepted an offer to join P&G full-time upon graduation this December. He is excited to be “working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, with prospects of moving internationally within six or seven years.”

Munoz-Fitch will miss the Eller community, as well as classes that include Suzanne Cummins’ MGMT 402 Integrating Business Fundamentals with Ethics and Law in Management. But he also recognizes that the Eller experience will positively impact his future endeavors in the business world as well as his personal life.