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Key regional stakeholders — including representatives from successful ventures, funding entities, government, and the University of Arizona — have converged to establish a taskforce focused on stimulating economic growth through entrepreneurship in southern Arizona.

Downtown Tucson“The taskforce builds on the economic blueprint developed by Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities (TREO),” explains McGuire Center of Entrepreneurship director Sherry Hoskinson. “In addition to attracting and retaining jobs, our community needs to focus on creating new ones.”

Hoskinson is among the 22 individuals who have united to form the Tucson Regional Entrepreneurial Economy Taskforce (TREET). The team will meet over the next several months to survey existing resources, solicit feedback from working entrepreneurs in the region, analyze the findings, and formulate recommendations for a long-term plan to incentivize other entrepreneurs to make Southern Arizona the home base of their ventures.

The TREET project is scheduled to wrap up in early April 2010. 

TREET Taskforce Members

  • Harry George, Solstice Capital, Chair
  • Mike Jameson, Tucson Newspapers, Inc.
  • Ed Berger, Desert Angels                         
  • Daisy Jenkins, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Jack Dean, sanofi aventis                                                               
  • Huw Jones, Esq., Hayes Soloway
  • Darryl Dobras, Desert Angels                                                  
  • Robert Morrison, Desert Angels
  • Raymond Baer, Wells Fargo Bank                                                    
  • Tim Reckart, Esq.        
  • Kerstin Block, Buffalo Exchange                                                 
  • Michael Voedesky, Salutaris Medical Devices, Inc.
  • Tom Grogan,  Founder, Ventana Medical Systems                          
  • Roy Flores, Pima Community College                                              
  • Robert Shelton, The University of Arizona
  • Larry Hecker, Esq., Hecker and Muehlebach                                    
  • David Smallhouse, Miramar Ventures, LLC
  • Sherry Hoskinson, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship        
  • Tarek Makansi,  Tempronics
  • Marie Wesselhoft, Arizona Center for Innovation
  • Laura Shaw, Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities
  • Joe Snell, Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities