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By Trevor Diddell, BSBA Marketing ’10

On Tuesday November 10, Eller students from Roberto Mejias’s MIS 304 class gathered in the Estes Atrium outside of Berger Auditorium to donate non-perishable and canned foods to the Tucson Community Food Bank. Students from section one gathered just before 11a.m. and students from section two gathered at 12:15. As a member of his first section, I stood in line and was thrilled to see the food begin to pile up.

This event was highlighted in class the previous week when the Community Food Bank showed a presentation that really caught my attention. The statistics of just how many hungry and starving families and children there are in Tucson is very sobering. It’s sometimes difficult for students to really see what’s going on right in their own backyard. It is wonderful to have a professor who places an emphasis on the responsibility we all have to the communities in which we live.

With the inspiration of Dr. Majias, both sections came out Tuesday and donated a lot of high-quality food that the community really needed, especially at this time of year. Last semester, Mejias says his students donated over 1,600 pounds of food in less than 30 minutes. Tuesday’s event is one I would like to see repeated more often at Eller, and with greater numbers. I think most of us forget just how much we really have, and how much of a difference we can all make!