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IntlDinner_FolkloricoBy Samarth Das, MBA ’10

The MBA International Dinner, hosted by the International Dinner Working Group, is an annual event held in early November that brings together the diverse Eller community in an informal setting. This potluck-based dinner boasts more than 60 different international cuisines, student performances, and an interesting display of culture and diversity. The dinner is equally popular among students, faculty, and staff at Eller. MIS Graduate Association also helps setup this organization along with the IBWG MBA student body.

The size, scale, and diversity displayed at the 2009 International Dinner was spectacular. Maffe Tiga from Guinea, Idly Sambhar from South India, Redang from Indonesia, and Chicken Curry from Nepal are just a few examples of the diversity of cuisines this year. I was a part of the organizing committee for this event and we put in a lot of effort and time in making this event as enjoyable as possible. I was also totally amazed by the effort put in by each and every cook to prepare food at such a scale.

The cultural events were also grand this year and I was personally excited by the musical performance by Rage Against the Case Study. The cultural events were kicked off with a Salsa event by Ritmos Latinos, who presented us with a circle-based salsa dance named Rueda. This year we also started a raffle and I was greatly impressed with the various items as gifts starting from a monkey from India to a lavish Mexican hat. Rage against the Case study was the next event and it made each and every person in the audience give a standing ovation. The guitar and the keyboard complimented each other and they presented a superb performance. I was in the audience and I could see the energy in the audience clapping and praising both of the performers. Next up there was a solo keyboard performance and a Chinese song, both were equally melodious and even though I didn’t understand the Chinese song I enjoyed it a lot. There was also Mexican dancing as well.

The Indian dance was spectacular and full of energy. I was amazed seeing my colleagues from other countries actually getting in the flow and dancing along with the girls performing on the stage. It was historical to watch the faculty members and the staff members dancing and displaying lot energy. The faces and the smile on everyone suggested how successful was the International Dinner and most of us wanted to continue dancing.

Students and faculty were also dressed in the traditional attire of their native countries and also shared the culture and traditions of their respective countries.

You can see photos from the event online here.


  • Dear Sam:
    Congrats on hosting such a successful event. It was indeed an enjoyable event and gave me an opportunity to call my international friends and some other college friends. I was thrilled to see the participation of all the students and faculty this year. Hats off to you for the well organized event, blog entry and of course the pics!!

  • Samarth,

    Congratulations on the success of this event. I witnessed the amount of effort you and Ambarish put into this dinner to make it such a grand success. IBWG dinner is such a great event which provides a platform for students to showcase their creativity & talent and I would like to commend you guys for committing a significant amount of your time to it make an enjoyable event. As you highlighted in your blog, all the performances have been truly entertaining and it was just amazing to see the amount of hidden talent we have among our colleagues.

    Keep up the great work!