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An Eye on the Prize
Brad Lloyd, Eller MBA ’11

By Justin Hart, Eller MBA ’10

Brad Lloyd, MBA '11

Brad Lloyd, MBA ’11.

Brad Lloyd is a first-year Eller MBA student who entered the program with clear goals. Before joining the program, Lloyd held various investment banking positions in New York, Chicago, Boston, and London. With a degree in public finance from Indiana University and several years of experience as a trader for a hedge fund, Lloyd plans to leverage the experience and learning from his MBA degree to pursue a research internship at a hedge fund this summer.

With such rich pre-MBA experience, Lloyd was an attractive candidate for a number of high-ranking MBA programs throughout the United States. Eventually, he selected the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management for its excellent return on investment and the personal attention from faculty and staff that is unique to the Eller program.

“I had an hour-and-a-half conversation with Eller’s dean during my first visit to the UA,” he says. “I didn’t get that same kind of attention when I visited other larger programs. Also, when considering the years to pay off the investment of an MBA, Eller had a very competitive ranking.”

Just two months into the program, Lloyd is enjoying the business classes that serve as “refreshers” to his undergraduate business administration degree. Additionally, he is a graduate assistant for Eller faculty in the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship.

When asked what advice he might have for prospective MBAs, Lloyd suggests that due diligence is key. He advises, “The time invested in program research, career goals, and preparation on quantitative skills prior to enrolling in an MBA program is crucial.”