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By Alex Auerbach

AlexAuerbachAs my internship wrapped up, I realized how much of a privilege it was to have worked in the NFL. There are only 32 teams, and a small number of full-time employees per team. To have an opportunity to get my foot in the door is awesome.

My internship ended up being everything I thought it would be. It opened up doors and will certainly allow me to take my career to the next level.

Most of businesses today are about connections, whether it is the ability to connect or having connections before you even begin working, so I’d encourage everyone to look for an internship in a field that they feel they would enjoy. Try and talk to as many people as possible, and you may find something interesting that you never thought you’d enjoy before.

I learned, and I think it is important to pass on to other people, that the most important part of any internship is to go in, work hard, and don’t try to get yourself noticed. Hard work is often recognized, even if nobody actually says anything to you about how hard you are working. I also learned how important it is to start from the bottom and work your way up, because that is really the only way to learn everything that you need to advance. Interns are often unrecognized, but that is part of being an intern. So if you can go into any internship situation ready to work and with an open mind, chances are you’ll leave a good impression and have a good experience.  It is just as important to connect with people and focus on building relationships as it is to work hard, and a combination of the two can lead to some really good situations, including somebody passing your name along for future opportunities.