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By Angela F. Crespo, BSBA Business Economics ’09

SIFE Team.jpgFor eleven years, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) has been represented on The University of Arizona campus.  SIFE is an international, student-run non-profit organization that aims to create economic opportunity in both the local and global community. This year, UA SIFE completed 18 projects ranging from helping newly resettled refugees in the Tucson community acquire jobs, to an entrepreneurship camp in Oguta, Nigeria for young women. We have also created and played a life sized board game about business ethics that will be implemented into a local Target’s new-hire training program. A very special thank you to the amazing support we receive from Eller faculty who help make these projects as strong as they are.

There are six guiding principles that SIFE projects focus on: Market Economics, Personal Success Skills, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Environmental Sustainability, and Business Ethics. Each year in the spring semester SIFE teams from across the country face a panel of high-level executive judges and compete on the effectiveness of the projects completed and present both quantitative and qualitative results to support how their team has created economic opportunity.

UA SIFE – the defending National Champion team – returned to competitions this year, beginning in March. Our team was titled the Regional Champion at the Los Angeles Regional Competition and advanced to the National Exhibition in Philadelphia in May. In Philadelphia we were named first runner up in the opening round. The team that advanced from our league was eventually named the first runner up for the entire competition. Our team is proud to have competed at this level and we look forward to making it to the Final Four stage next year!