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Who else can say that watching TV is part of their job?
By Amanda Deutchman, Marketing Major

AmandaDeutchman.JPGI originally got my internship at NBC Universal by utilizing contacts my dad had in the entertainment industry. I sent my resume out to several media companies, expecting only to hear from small, independent organizations. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when the first interview I scored was with NBC. I had grown up watching FRIENDS and always dreamed of working for this network, but thought it would take much longer to reach that goal. I did a phone interview and was offered the position.  

My first summer at NBC, I worked in press and publicity, as this was the position I was offered. In this business, when you have an in, you take it. My hope was to eventually work in the scheduling department. During that summer I had great experiences, learning the ropes of publicity and even getting to help with set visits at The Biggest Loser and Las Vegas. I also practiced pitching minor media stories and writing blurbs for the television listings. I also got to work press tour, a large event held twice a year as a basis for launching fall and winter shows. That summer, I set up a couple of informational meetings with the executive vice president of scheduling, and asked for an internship at the end of the summer. During this summer, I had grown fond of the publicity department, but wanted to experience scheduling to see what other options there were. I got the position and split my time the next summer, two days a week in scheduling and three days in events (a sub-department of publicity).

I found that publicity was faster-paced and very dynamic, as things are always changing and the unexpected is quite common. Thus, I returned to that department this summer. I am assigned to work with the publicists and senior vice president of Universal Media Studios Publicity, which gives me the opportunity to see the difference between PR on the studio end and the network side. On a typical day, I do “clips,” which involves searching various media for press involving our studio shows. I also attend meetings, a great place to observe and learn the dynamics within the company and how decisions are made. So far this summer, I have helped out on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards, participated in brainstorming meetings for the launch campaigns of the fall shows, wrote a listing with another intern (which the publicist for the show has decided to publish), and put together a media contact list.

I love interning at NBC Universal because there are such great opportunities and there is always more to learn. I want to work in television because I love watching TV. I love the company culture and the energy when I walk onto the lot everyday. Everyone seems to love their jobs and that shows in their work, teamwork, and training interns. My hope is that my time turns into a job opportunity. If not, the experience has been invaluable for my future.


  • This a good job oppurtunity, you can watch all the programs in the television, watching TV is my past time of the other people.
    Gud luck.

  • Hi, sorry this is random but this was really interesting. My name is Phil and I am a senior at Michigan State University and I am looking to do a similar internship at NBCU this fall. I have been getting all my stuff together to apply (resume, cover letter all that good stuff) but I was wondering if you would have any advice or suggestions for some one who would really love to get into one of these. Any help would be amazing! My email is