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Through a new partnership between the Eller College of Management and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, students interested in combining an MBA with a master’s degree in public health (MPH) can earn both degrees in three years.

Eller College undergraduate students on a recent

Students may now combine an Eller MBA with the Master of Public Health, which offers concentrations including environmental and occupational health, public health policy and management, and biostatistics.

“We already draw a large population of students interested in affecting change in the world,” explains Kristina Cook, Full-Time MBA program manager. “UA has one of the largest Peace Corps Fellowship programs in the country; it makes sense to offer these and other students the opportunity to concurrently earn degrees that will position them to solve critically important issues.”

The Master of Public Health is an interdisciplinary degree through which students obtain broad knowledge and basic skills in the core areas of public health. Combining that expertise with the management acumen an MBA builds will allow students to pursue careers in health care policy and administration, either domestically or abroad.

“The Eller MBA has elective courses that can help an MPH-MBA student build skills that will be critically important to their chosen career path,” Cook says. “For example, we have [retired U.S. Representative] Jim Kolbe teaching one of the country’s best courses on international development right here at Eller.”

Dual-degree applicants must meet the application deadlines, testing requirements, and submit program fees to each program independently. Dual degrees refer to a formal, approved program for a student to earn two degrees simultaneously; students currently enrolled in either program may apply to the other program.