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Cross-posted from MIS department head Paulo Goes’s blog.

goes_sm.jpgWe are excited to have been notified of receipt of a $150,000 grant award that will allow us to develop, produce, and offer distance learning courses starting in fall 2009.
We will be offering distance learning courses that will be rolled into a certificate designed for Information Systems (IS) professionals who already have an undergraduate degree in a related field and who are currently working in the IS industry. The certificate will cover a broad spectrum of current and emerging IS security, enterprise systems, and enterprise system security issues, and provide professionals with a broad, up-to-date perspective on practices and challenges.
This certificate will fulfill a demand for advanced knowledge in IS that is becoming increasingly critical in today’s regulated information environment. An important activity within information technology careers is providing security for cyberspace and information infrastructures.
This new certificate leverages the MIS department’s current status as a Center of Excellence in Information Assurance (CE-IA) with the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS). The National Security Agency (NSA) has set a goal to establish centers of academic excellence to help reduce vulnerability in our national information infrastructure.  NSA is promoting higher education in information assurance (IA) and has been encouraging universities to produce more professionals with IA expertise that is applicable within different disciplines.
Students who complete the certificate will receive, in addition to a University of Arizona certificate, the following NSA-CNSS certificates:      
CNSS 4011 – Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals
CNSS 4012 – Senior Systems Managers
CNSS 4016 – Risk Analysis
The certificate will include these courses:
MIS 556 – Information Security in Public and Private Sectors
MIS 557 – Privacy, Security, and Business Continuity 
MIS 558 – Introduction to Enterprise Computing Environments
More information is here.