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By Pam Perry, Associate Dean and Director, Eller Undergraduate Program

perry_sm.jpgOn April 4 and 5, we had the pleasure of hosting associate deans and student services directors from top-25 ranked undergraduate programs.  Every spring a top-25 undergraduate business program hosts the National Undergraduate Business School Symposium at their campus. We welcomed the  most prestigious public and private undergraduate business school programs from across the nation, including University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of Texas at Austin, College of William and Mary, Notre Dame, University of Maryland, Ohio State, University of North Carolina, etc.

During the conference we shared best practices in topics including developing and sustaining diversity in our programs, a look ahead at the changing demographics for new college students, career services in a down economy, building better business school communities, sustainability programs,  AACSB assurance of learning programs and open discussion about the economic climates in such diverse states.  

As we teach in our programs, the value of social networks in an industry like business education is extremely valuable.  People coming to trust one another and feeling confident in sharing ideas helps our undergraduate programs continue to improve to develop the business leaders of tomorrow.

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