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By Colleen Gillett, BSBA Accounting ’10

ColleenGillett.JPGTwo weeks of preparation, change, long practice sessions, coffee or Red Bull, and constant dedication pretty much sums up Eller’s case competitions. In a two week period, you get a case to prepare with a team where you need to develop chemistry, presentations skills, exceptional PowerPoint slides, a great idea, and the ability to sell that idea to panel of judges who are prepared to ask questions that challenge your thought process. It’s a stressful, yet insightful process to help prepare you for what is to come.

Throughout this process it is key to stay dedicated, be flexible to change, practice in front of others, and be able to take constructive criticism from your peers. I know this is the reason why my team was able to come together for the win; in addition, to us all being motivated individuals, we had a similar goal to accomplish – to win. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.

If I could give any advice to others, it would be to support each other. Yes, it’s a competition; however, there is no reason not to be happy in the success of others and embrace that success. Everyone has to work hard to get everything ready for the BIG day, which will be recognized by others. In the end, it was my team’s enthusiasm and ability to press on that enabled us to succeed.



  • Interesting blog – it sounds like a grueling competition. Great work Colleen on being able to make it through this project – I know Eller students are able to juggle many responsibilities. You a fine representation of what Eller students should be expected to achieve.