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portney_sm.jpgWelcome to the Eller College blog, or online conversation among interested parties. If you’re new to blogging, join the club. Within the last three months I’ve become a participant in a weekly blog on leadership organized by The Washington Post and another on energy and the environment organized by The National Journal, a public affairs weekly published in Washington, D.C.  

Following blogs (in moderation!) is a good way to stay abreast of news on a particular subject and trade views with other interested parties. The Eller Blog will feature entries posted by people from around the College — faculty, staff, students, and, occasionally, even by the dean — on a variety of subjects. You’re encouraged to respond to whomever posts an entry, so long as your response is respectful.

Watch for our updates every Monday. We look forward to an ongoing electronic conversation with you!

Paul R. Portney, Dean
Eller College of Management